Other Resources

Roseen Redox for SHWT Powerpoint 4-4-2018 “Alternates to Redoximorphic Features for Determination of Seasonal High Water Tables for Use in Stormwater Management Designs” Robert Roseen, PE, PHD, DWRE, Waterstone Engineering, April 4, 2018

seasonal-water-table-and-temperature-relationships-in-calcareous-till-and-residual-soils-in-central-maine by David E. Turcotte, I.J. Fernandez, C.C. Dorion and N.R. Butler, 2015

NH NY Septic 2014 Paper “Concentrations of hormones, pharmaceuticals and other micropollutants in groundwater affected by septic systems in New England and New York”
P.J. Phillips, C. Schubert, D. Argue, I. Fisher, E.T. Furlong, W. Foremand, J. Gray, A. Chalmers, December 2014

Coastal Marine Sediments of New England with Brown Colored Surface Soils – Wetness Characteristics by Sidney A. L. Pilgrim, Joesph Noel & James F. McMahon III. July 2011

Disturbed Soil Mapping Unit Supplement for AoT Site Specific Soil Maps, Draft Proposal Jan. 2011

Field Indicators Version 8.2 (2018) -2021 Update – Field Indicators of Hydric Soil Indicators in the United States for use in Region LRR R.  Updated July 7, 2021

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